Hot Water Service

Hot Water Service

Hot Water Service

With our expert and licensed plumbers, you’ll have less stress on your hands knowing we can give you the best advice and a solution to your hot water service needs.


Whether it’s a leak to your hot water service or your boiler is not reaching the required temperatures it should, we can fix it. If you notice rusty water coming from your hot taps or hot water service we can fix it. If you notice that your hot water service is rusted out or has burst we will give you a solution to fix it. If the flame keeps going out on your hot water service we can fix it. Here at Northern Plumbing company, we can have all your hot water service needs solved in an effective and efficient way.


Brands we use.
At Northern Plumbing Company we off a wide range of hot water services, from your storage gas hot water service to a gas instantaneous hot water service and solar hot water service.

a list of reputable brands of hot water services we have listed below. Each brand offers a long warranty and is also backed by the Northern Plumbing Companies 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.


Northern Plumbing Company give you a fixed price so you know what you’re paying up front with no hidden costs!

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