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Northern Plumbing Company covers many forms of plumbing maintenance options for domestic and commercial properties including hot water service, burst pipes, sanitary fixtures, tapware, appliance installs and more!

Plumber Greensborough

With a specialist plumber in Greensborough you can successfully renovate your facilities or complete installations efficiently just the way you have pictured when you had the visions of the changes in your house or business building. We ensure the plumbing system throughout your kitchen, bathroom or laundry works efficiently and effectively. Our team of professionals helps you solve any type of problem from everyday cases to special orders, always with the superior craftmanship and skillfulness only a professional plumber in Greensborough could offer. We offer you comprehensive advice, flexible working hours and fast delivery times, ensuring that all your expectations are met.

Not only do we work only with highly qualified personnel, but we also have the most modern equipment, guaranteeing each of our clients the best quality for total satisfaction and a perfect home or business building. Among the broad range of services a plumber in Greensborough could offer you will find services like:

  • Installation and repair of hot water dispensers: complete installation of hot water dispensers and repair, includes connection of pipes and radiators circuit completed by a specialised plumber in Greensborough.
  • Kitchen renovation: complete plumbing renovations of the kitchen and bathroom and installation of a luxury shower.
  • Appliances installation: to make sure they will not fail soon and complete their working life without many requirements.

Most of the time, issues related to plumbing in houses and business buildings can show up without prior notice or by surprise, so you should contact a professional plumber in Greensborough who can handle the situation quickly. Time does not pass in vain and 7 years of successful history in this industry have given us a lot of experience in repairs and installations, put the peace of mind of your home in the hands of expert plumbers, do not hesitate to call us.



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