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Northern Plumbing Company covers many forms of plumbing maintenance options for domestic and commercial properties including hot water service, burst pipes, sanitary fixtures, tapware, appliance installs and more!

Plumber Bundoora

Do you want a service completed by a skillful plumber in Bundoora with the required expertise in all the areas related to plumbing so you are sure he will provide an efficient service with unmatched results? Here at Northern Plumbing Company we have exactly what you are looking for, we understand the importance of offering a reliable service that covers the expectations of our highly distinguished clientele so they will keep calling us in the future when an efficient plumber in Bundoora is needed. We take pride in putting a lot of effort to communication in order to understand our clients’ requirements towards a specific project and make sure the results exceed any expectation they have by paying a lot of attention to detail.

We are not new to this field, as we have over 7 years of experience offering the services of plumbers in Bundoora and making sure they represent our company in terms of quality and efficiency. With a solid reputation as the leading service provider when a plumber in Bundoora is needed, count on Northern Plumbing Company when you need to solve an issue related to pipelines not working, faulty appliances installations and bad repairs. We are also the most suitable option if you do not want to break the bank but still enjoy the services of a second to none plumber in Bundoora, we offer accessible rates you will not find anywhere else.

Speak to us now if you want more information about our work, our user-friendly clients will be ready to assist you and provide you with detailed information about all our services. Bear in mind that we only employ the most accredited experts in the area that make justice to the profile of an experienced plumber in Bundoora.



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